Celia MMXIV by: Lia Walker

Hi! Im Lia; a George Brown College Graduate in fashion design. I am a local designer who created the Canadian brand Celia MMXIV based in Guelph, Ontario.

I design and create each individual style. All leather is handpicked and sorted to ensure only the finest materials are used to create the patterns for each handmade bag for any lifestyle. All of the leather and supplies are purchased within Canada and The United States. At Celia MMXIV quality and design are the pinnacles of what I believe in to be sure you are happy with your bag to be there wherever it may go with you.


        Choosing the name for the brand took time to really think about what I wanted to represent. But in the end it was the simple idea that I had always known.
        When I was young my love of fashion wasn't just the art, creativity and beauty but because being a young teen you get the chance to create yourself, to grow to be anyone that you want. My inspiration was Coco Chanel. I wanted to be elegant and sophisticated. I wanted to be a strong and classy woman, who walked with confidence.
       Being a fashion designer is my dream, always has been. But in college, the fast fashion and mass market production took the art out of it for me. I felt like we were being instilled with all of these guidelines we had to follow for success. I wanted to create quality, timeless pieces. I found that with leather bags. I put all of these thoughts trying to think of a name for the brand. I did not want it to be just my name on the bags.
     The beauty of an accessory is that it can go with almost any style. So having my name on the front would have people thinking of me while wearing the bag. I wanted them to create their own image to go with the bag. Choosing Celia (SEE Lia). People can see their own adventure, see themselves with the bag. Celia still contains my name representing my creations.
    Just Celia didn't seem like enough in the design aspect. I added the roman numerals along the bottom, which stand for 2014, the year that I started the brand.