The Summer Edit.

Summer always brings adventure and excitement along with endless possibilities, the days are longer and brighter, weekends find extra days. In the spirit of new and fresh Celia MMXIV has taken on a new look. With the seasons leathers and colours comes new branding. The brass name plate has been retired, and in its place the Celia brand is now directly in the leather.

The subtle brand leaves a cleaner more defined look, to let you focus on the classic silhouettes and beauty of the leather itself.

The new summer collection includes a special edition. The pale pink suede collection; I found the suede as a single piece in a small shop in Hamilton, ON. Each bag is an original, the collection consisting of only five bags. It includes one Evie Crossbody, one Grace Clutch, and three Royal Crossbody's. The pink is subtle and neutral to accent all of the light fresh colours of summer. 

One of my favourite parts of being a small handmade shop is finding those unique one of a kind pieces that influence and inspire designs and collections. 

The summer lineup is ready for its adventure, to be there with you while you cross off your summer bucket list!

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